Testimony 3

“My name is David. I am 42 and I struggled with drugs and alcohol for 30 years. That’s when [Christ] opened the doors at John 3:16. Not only has Christ restored all which I lost, He began to show me the man that I really am and can be through him.”

Testimonial 2

“Approximately four years ago, I was bound with the chain of alcohol addiction. I went to John 3:16 where I got saved and baptized. After graduation, I was thankful to find a transition house where I could live and work on my recovery.” — co-founder Jeff Thomas”

Testimonial 1

“My name is Joseph. Before I went to John 3:16, my life was a disaster. I was in jail with really no hope left. I was lost in a whirlwind of sin and drug abuse. Now that I have put Jesus first in my life, he has given me life and life more abundantly.”